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Plane Transcendence by Saldarax
Plane Transcendence
attempting at anime style with western rendering...really had to do work with style references XD
looks kind of disney like so i can't say i succeeded
learned quite a lot and also turned out to be a pretty nice looking piece
the purpose of that hypercube is to emphsize transcending 2D, given that a hypercube is a representation of what a cube in four dimensions would look like when projected in the third dimension
NEO Space Mining by Saldarax
NEO Space Mining
sometime in the future, humans will be able to mine asteroids for their material wealth
Mirage Isle by Saldarax
Mirage Isle
my very first matte-painting...done sometime last year in june
it's a rework of one of my old pieces from january last year
the entire thing took around three weeks on and off, 1GB in size with around 300 layers lol...apparently those figures are not as shocking for matte-painters except for the time spent; probably will have to work faster haha
have been reluctant in showing my matte-paintings seeing as how they still need a lot of tweaking and work


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  • Mood: I Have To Pee
Well, it's kind of ironic that my last journal was a claim that I'd return to Devart, and then I up and left. Lots of things have happened in the last seven years, life caught up with me and rode me like a sledge on an emotional ramp. College was busy and life was basically chaotic at the time, and it's no small task that I lived through it all. Fortunately enough I've managed to gain several things as well as opposed to constant losses.

It's saddening to come back to this place I called home for a while, only to see artists' accounts I used to follow deactivated, friends no where to be found. It sort of feels like that chilly morning haze you wake up to after a night of a rampaging storm. However, this time coming back, I have garnered far more determination than I had last time. College is no longer in the way, and I have more time for myself. While it can be quite the hefty regret when I see people younger than me who have gone straight to art colleges specifically training them to ease into the entertainment industry and are doing fantastically, I have garnered skills in other ways that while my foolish youth mistakes have given me setbacks, I am hopeful for the future.

I had to sift through my old work and take off some really irrelevant pieces, however, the bulk of my ancient artwork all the way since I was in middle school survives my critical eyes. Leaving them there is a constant reminder for me that if I don't want to feel ashamed, I must work harder. It's also amusing to see that the weapons I drew have been searched quite a bit; I can only imagine that it's because I submitted it when deviantart was still building up on artwork, I mean, those weapons come from the Elfwood days. Gives me quite a chuckle.

I have also removed a lot of favorites, as some techniques that used to inspire awe no longer hold the same value. The entertainment industry flourished in the past seven years while I was still an amateur in admiration; the general skill level of digital artists have improved so much that it's daunting, 3D techniques have discovered a whole new realm for our eyes to feast on, and basic photo-manipulators have become industry professional matte painters. But of course I digress, most of the artwork I unfaved were Teruchan's. The artists himself/herself is actually quite talented with female anatomy, but those that are just erotic poses and not concerning accurate portrayals of the female body are removed.

I am also in the process of shutting down my two other accounts dire/dreadsaldarax. I created them back when Deviantart was a mess to navigate and organize; it has improved significantly, but not as intuitive as CGHub is. CGHub has the nifty feature to add process and detail shots so as to not upload another artwork just to showcase them. It's also really nice that you can re-upload a newer version of the same artwork without having to create anew and then deleting the old upload. Some of the new features here I'll still have to get a hang of; not sure what the difference is between the Featured and All sorting options in the Gallery. I'll be adding and compiling all the watches, favorites on this account from now on, nice and simple. Cleaning out the ~600 unseen new deviations wasn't an easy task though.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your stay (friends that are still on here) :)

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